THOSE WHO KNEW by Idra Novey

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THOSE WHO KNEW by Idra Novey
Idra Novey’s THOSE WHO KNEW is an NPR Best Book of 2018, selected for Book Club Ideas, Ladies First, Realistic Fiction, Seriously Great Writing, The Dark Side. They describe it as a timely and timeless novel… a completely riveting and elegantly constructed story.” Jim Rutland for the Los Angeles Times called it in a feature review “an uncannily prescient novel that animates the #MeToo movement and speaks to the depth of the moral quagmire we currently find ourselves in."

The novel’s exploration of how silence is weaponized by institutions, which permit those who commit horrible abuses to get away with them, feels tailor-made for our times… [It] is the rare novel that challenges its readers to consider what their silence is costing us.” Viking published the book on November 6, 2018.

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