A GUIDE TO BEING BORN by Ramona Ausubel

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A GUIDE TO BEING BORN by Ramona Ausubel
Ramona Ausubel was interviewed by Meredith Turits in Full Stop for her new collection, A GUIDE TO BEING BORN. Turits says, “Ramona Ausubel’s prose, concepts, and stories: they’re the kind that make a reader stop, take a breath, and reread…the stories re-infuse wonder into a somewhat overwrought cultural conversation…There is something inherently magical about it.”

The book has also received positive reviews in NYLON Magazine and the Library Journal. NYLON said, “Ausubel’s second book … reveals the largeness of life in strange and unexpected ways, and her style, which is both daring and generous, conjures unforgettable imagery and raises questions about what exactly we were expecting from life’s milestones in the first place.” Library Journal called the book “eye-opening.” Riverhead published the book May 2, 2013.

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