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Roma Panganiban
Literary Assistant

Roma Panganiban graduated from Allegheny College with a degree in English and Psychology before taking on graduate studies in Modern and Contemporary Literature & Culture at the University of York (UK), a writing internship in Nicaragua, academic tutoring in the suburbs of New Jersey, and office management for a theatrical costume studio in Manhattan. She began her publishing career at The Gernert Company before joining Janklow & Nesbit in 2019, where she now assists Chris Clemans and Chad Luibl and works with writers across the adult and children’s markets.

Roma's taste leans literary, but she is open to a broad range of fiction, including novels and collections that embrace genre elements—speculative, historical, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy—as well as those that defy categorization altogether. She values prose that is thoughtful, clear, clever, and beautiful; compelling, idiosyncratic voices; and fresh, unexpected perspectives, particularly those of writers from underrepresented communities.

Roma is also interested in narrative nonfiction that reorients our understanding of history, culture, science, society, education, and ourselves, whether by established experts or fiercely curious upstarts, as well as creative nonfiction that appeals equally to the heart, mind, and sense of humor.

In children’s fiction, Roma prefers more high-concept, plot-driven MG and more introspective, character- and voice-driven YA, especially featuring protagonists who don’t often see themselves as the main character. In children’s nonfiction, she looks for books that help young readers better understand each other, themselves, and the universe around them.

Roma is a member of the American Association of Literary Agents (AALA) and an ambivalent Twitter user (@romapancake). She lives in Brooklyn.

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