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  • Marina Benjamin
  • Alex Bellos
  • Naama Bloom
  • Rutger Bregman
  • Tara Isabella Burton
  • Eve Claxton
  • Camas Davis
  • Glory Edim
  • Nacho Figueras
  • Meghann Foye
  • Mary Fulbrook
  • Anne Gisleson
  • Tarquin Hall
  • Patrick Hemstreet
  • Hannah Fry
  • Jerry Kaplan
  • Sally Kohn
  • Peter McGough
  • Edward McPherson
  • Shazia Mirza
  • Ron Nyswaner
  • Jodie Patterson
  • Samantha Silva
  • Tom Shone
  • Bhu Srinivisan
  • Nell Stevens
  • J. Michael Straczysnski
  • Tyler Wetherall
  • Mary Louise Wilson

Emma Parry

Literary Agent

I’m an advocate for unforgettable stories and original thinkers who accelerate positive change and enable animated conversation.
After reading English at Cambridge, I joined the graduate program of Ogilvy & Mather (although the interview process had already persuaded me advertising wasn’t where I was meant to be). After monthly lunches with the legendary British literary agent Gillon Aitken, I took my first job in publishing, as his assistant.

I enjoyed a thrilling literary apprenticeship, transcribing VS Naipaul’s correspondence with his father (LETTERS BETWEEN A FATHER AND SON) and began representing writers including Kathryn Flett and Toby Young. I sold major new work from pre-eminent feminist Germaine Greer, and worked closely with emerging stars including Edward St Aubyn and Helen Fielding.

At 24, I completed the FSG international editorial internship and fell in love with New York (and my husband to be) enough that I moved to the city with a letter of recommendation volunteered by VS Naipaul, and money to last a week.

I joined Carlisle and Company, selling a fast growing list including “Ali G”, Bernardine Evaristo, Sarah Hall, Alan Hollinghurst, David Kennedy, Hari Kunzru, Paul McCartney, Maggie O’Farrell, Gavin Pretor-Pinney, Simon Schama, Tom Shone, Kamla Shamsie, Bob Sutton, and Toby Young.
In 2003, I formed Fletcher & Parry with Christy Fletcher, and over five fun and productive years in a little Carriage House off Union Square, I helped launch the careers of new writers including Stephen Grey, Jonah Lehrer, Dan Lyons, Alexander Rose and Douglas Smith and co-produced an admittedly missable film with Christy starring Anthony Hopkins (“The Rite”). Late 2007, a timely opportunity presented itself to sell my half of the agency; with the financial tide going out and two small daughters, I felt glad to be able to take that break.

I worked from the home my husband and I had built in the Hudson Valley, writing, editing, and ghosting, before joining Janklow & Nesbit, five years to the day since selling my agency.
Since then, I’ve worked hard to re-stock my pond, and feel very proud of the many new writers I’ve been able to help, and the former clients with whom I’ve reconnected. I’m excited to see the publication of work currently in the pipeline and to keep reaching over the coming years.
In non-fiction, I love Memoir and Reportage, Lives which surprise and gratify… I love writers who extend empathy; resist big and little tyrannies, entertain and do some good.
I’m always looking for brilliantly written, commercially-appealing, fiction – novels which carry me on their own rhythm; contend with the best in literature (and in current film and television) and offer wit, fresh perspectives and free spirit.
I’ve worked with winners of the Shiva Naipaul Prize for Travel Writing, the National Book Critics Circle, the Man Booker, the Pulitzer and the Nobel.
I love helping writers achieve the best possible iteration of their work; get the most rewarding publishing experience in every respect, and reach the widest readership there is.