Selected authors

  • Marina Benjamin
  • Kelly Killoren Bensimon
  • Naama Bloom
  • Rutger Bregman
  • Eve Claxton
  • Camas Davis
  • Glory Edim
  • Nacho Figueras
  • Meghann Foye
  • Mary Fulbrook
  • Anne Gisleson
  • Tarquin Hall
  • Patrick Hemstreet
  • Haley Hill
  • Phoebe Hoban
  • Jerry Kaplan
  • Sally Kohn
  • Peter McGough
  • Ron Nyswaner
  • Jodie Patterson
  • Bhu Srinivisan
  • Nell Stevens
  • Miya Tokumitsu
  • Mary Louise Wilson

Emma Parry

Literary Agent

Born in England, I began in publishing with Gillon Aitken, and enjoyed a thrilling literary initiation, serving living legends like VS Naipaul and working with emerging stars including Edward St Aubyn and Helen Fielding. One of the first books I sold, at 23 or 4, was THE WHOLE WOMAN, sequel to Germaine Greer’s THE FEMALE EUNUCH (I’d met her while an undergraduate at Cambridge).

In 1999, I arrived in New York with letters of introduction from Gillon Aitken and Vidia Naipaul, and money to last a week. I joined Carlisle and Company and built a fast growing list of wits, thinkers and historians – Toby Young, Gavin Pretor-Pinney, Tom Shone, Simon Schama, Linda Colley, the Holland brothers – and helping bring many of the best British novelists – Alan Hollinghust, Hari Kunzru, Maggie O’Farrell, Kamila Shamsie - to American audiences.

At 29, I formed Fletcher & Parry with Christy Fletcher, and over five years we built a terrific business – highlights included early Jonah Lehrer, Dan Lyons, Chip and Dan Heath, The Nanny Diaries and co-producing our first film together (“The Rite”). In early 2008, an opportunity arose to sell my half of the agency and the time was right.

I spent my daughters’ smallest years working from home – ghosting and development editing– before re-entering publishing by joining Janklow in 2013 – where I’ve been excited, once again, to be able to champion writers’ interests without limit.

Janklow & Nesbit is an agency to celebrate, with an extraordinary honor roll of authors, lovely colleagues and a fleet of expertise.

I am looking for strong non-fiction; compelling stories; books that change the conversation - and to which I know I can add value. I love books which introduce new worlds; surprise and gratify readers; extend empathy; educate, entertain and even try to do some good.

I’m looking too for brilliantly written, commercially appealing fiction – fiction which carries me on its own rhythm; contends with the best in literature (and in current film and television); offers indelible characters; wit; fresh perspectives and real heart.

I continue to relish introducing British authors to America - one good reason among many to be grateful for my amazing team of colleagues in London.

Calling storytellers, reporters, pioneers and voices wanting to reach the widest possible world, I love helping writers make money.