BEARSKIN by James McLaughlin

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BEARSKIN by James McLaughlin
The New York Times reviewed BEARSKIN, and called the novel, “Gruesomely gorgeous…remarkable…McLaughlin writes about the natural world with casual lyricism and un-self-conscious joy…the kind of writing that makes me shiver.” The Washington Post also reviewed BEARSKIN, calling it an “Exciting first novel…some of the best action writing in recent fiction.”

And Entertainment Weekly and said of it: “Accomplished and evocative. . . . It’s a slow-burn by design, a tale of suspense that reels you in through McLaughlin’s scrupulous skill. . . . A philosophical investigation of man and nature, washed in noir. . . . Elegiac, hypnotic—unshakable.” Ecco published the book June 12, 2018.

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