GOODBYE, VITAMIN by Rachel Khong

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GOODBYE, VITAMIN by Rachel Khong
Rachel Khong’s GOODBYE, VITAMIN is one of the hottest books of the summer, according to Oprah, Vanity Fair, and Refinery29. The book also received a glowing review in the New York Times Book Review from Doree Shafrir, who calls it “a quietly brilliant disquisition on family, relationships and adulthood, told in prose that is so startling in its spare beauty that I found myself thinking about Khong's turns of phrase for days after I'd finished reading”

and a positive review from the Seattle Times, which writes: “The sort that’ll break your heart but leave you smiling… Khong pulls off something nearly as good, leaving her characters surrounded by warm Christmas lights and glowing with something else.” Henry Holt published GOODBYE, VITAMIN on July 11, 2017...

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