MY 1980s AND OTHER ESSAYS by Wayne Koestenbaum

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MY 1980s AND OTHER ESSAYS by Wayne Koestenbaum
Wayne Koestenbaum’s MY 1980’s AND OTHER ESSAYS was reviewed in Flavorwire, the Atlantic, the Chicago Tribune, and Lambda Literary. The Atlantic said, “Koestenbaum elevates pop culture discourse,” while Flavorwire called Koestenbaum “one of our most original essayists” and the book “one of the best accounts of how writers wrote about, lived, and worked in that decade of greed and conservatism.”

The Chicago Tribune says that Kosestenbaum “can convey an excitement about art (or writing or fashion or Debbie Harry's face), a sense of its necessity and vitality, that recalls Sontag and Barthes at their most enthusiastic. The book was also an Editor’s Choice in the Buffalo News, which called Koestenbaum “a one-of-a-kind marvel as poet, essayist and critic, so radical and candid in subject matter, so hilarious and incisive as a result that he makes other writers seem like elementary school principals.”Lambda Literary called it “an incredibly timely hodge-podge of prose that expertly blends nostalgia-free self-reflections, reluctant bits of advice, and breathless love letters to idols literary, artistic, musical, and otherwise into an immensely pleasurable read.” Farrar, Straus & Giroux published the book on August 13, 2013.

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